Chuck Lawson, Lecturer in Experiential Serendipity

Chuck Lawson, Sharpener of the Cutting Edge
A friend of mine once commented about how difficult it is to assume the third person and write anything about yourself that doesn’t completely suck. So, I’ll dispense with that effort and just wing it.

I work as a web site designer and web applications developer, specializing largely in portal sites, e-commerce systems, streaming multimedia and complex web applications. Most of this stuff is developed in some combination of ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET. I am also a co-owner of a web hosting company.

I also coach clients in fields ranging from how to design and implement effective money-making web sites to how to define and attract the things in their life that truly matter for them. I enjoy working with people as much as I enjoy technical work, and I find that doing both produces a rather pleasant balance in my life.

What the hell – specialization is for insects, no?

My personal interests are subject to change without prior notification, but currently include yoga & tai chi, neuro-lingustic programming, technology that actually works, doing the undoable, unscrewing the inscrutable, having a long hard look at the ineffable to see whether it might not be effed after all, and being just slightly crazier than most people I know.

about the site

This site is built using Movable Type 2.62, because I admire the aesthetics of it, despite it being written in Perl. Expression Engine, in order to take advantage of its more secure commenting system. WordPress, because I like its simplicity and extensibility, and I’m tired of fighting Expression Engine’s various issues. I maintain this site in order to write about things that interest me that are outside of the purvue of most of the other sites that I write for.

Writing for a potential audience (whether such an audience ever materializes) is an effort with its own ends. Writing about a topic, in addition to just thinking about it, stimulates different areas of the brain, and forms new neuro-cortical pathways. I find that writing about a topic helps me organize my thoughts on a subject, or sometimes, just to express myself. You are likely to find topics and viewpoints here that may or may not fit into your current reality tunnel; if you find something you enjoy, wonderful, if not, happy surfing.

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