100 Things Every Guy Must Know

November 28, 2004

100 Things Every Guy Must Know

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One Response to “100 Things Every Guy Must Know”

  1. John Bennett on December 12th, 2004 8:51 am

    The back wall of a vagina has a spot which can be reached by the thumb and pressed gently will give the woman continuous orgasm.

    The insertion of the index finger into the female anus allows the other side of this “Bennett Button” to be reached and gently pressed in time with the thumb.

    The eleven women I have done this to: describe it variously as “Rapture”,”Ecstacy”,”Exhausting”,”Incredible”,”My GOD” etc…

    After an hour of orgasm each of the women fell into a deep sleep for about three hours.

    Try it!, I know she’ll like it, maybe you will to:-)

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