July 31, 2003

Plonk: excl. [Usenet] The sound a newbie makes as he falls to the bottom of a kill file.

Now that we’re in the days of products such as SpamNet, which allow individuals the ability to influence what is considered spam for a wide community—a kind of community killfile, in effect—it’s become commonplace for legitimate commercial mailers to complain that they are being erroneously marked as spam. 

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Time Travelers Strictly Cash

July 31, 2003

There are certain rules of modern society we have come to learn, sometimes the hard way… One of them is “don’t make eye contact with the obviously crazy person”.

I’m sure some of you received the series of spams from the guy claiming to be a lost time traveller in need of spare parts—I probably got a couple of dozen of them, chuckled, and deleted them without bothering to wonder what the inevitable sales pitch would be.

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The heat goes on and it drives you mad

July 30, 2003

If you can’t bitch about the weather on your own blog, where can you do it?

It’s this time of year that makes me wonder what in the hell I’m doing in Texas…

It’s not typically until the 72 degree Decembers that I remember, at which point it suddenly seems all worthwhile (since I’ve cooled off in the meantime).

This isn’t even one of our hotter summers, but it’s gone on long enough now that I’m sick of it.  And sick of my next-to-useless 20 year old central air….

“If I owned both Hell and Texas, I’d live in Hell and rent Texas out!”

– Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman

Real Trouble

July 30, 2003

Michael Sippey points to this AdAge article covering a study from RoperASW and the Washington Post.

According to the article, the people who wander around on the Internet (even to sites like this one) are the new “Influentials”—the 10% of the population “whose robust engagement with society influences the attitudes and behavior of the other 90%”.

Boy is the rest of this country in Real Trouble….

Wait a minute…

Does this mean We’re Responsible for the attitudes of the rest? 

Or worse, that we’re Irresponsible for them?

That does it.  I may just give up on this Internet thing…. 

Let ‘em be Miserable Assholes(tm) without my help…

Dinosaur Drift

July 30, 2003

The local domain controller I use runs on a box that is a virtual dinosaur. Which is fine, since it doesn’t really have to do much except help with the local security model.

A new problem that’s cropped up lately, however is that its clock has developed a serious amount of drift (about five minutes over the last week).

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Notes to self…

July 29, 2003

I will remember:

# To clear the damn CMOS whenever mounting a motherboard, even if it’s only been out for five minutes.

# To leave alone heatsinks that have been attached to running processors and not try to remove them to swap them for higher cooling capacity ones, unless I really want to spend hours with a magnifying glass and razor blade straightening CPU pins after the CPU adheres to the heatsink and pulls out of the zif socket when removing the heatsink.

# That “Master” is not necessarily the correct setting on some drive models if they are the only drive on the controller.

# That some switching power supplies are bloody unstable until they have a reasonable load on them.

# That Win2K / 2K3 Server tends to freak out on install when asked to delete XP partitions.

# To replace that damn run of CAT 5 that has the connector with the retaining clip busted off.

# That some problems that appear insoluable at 4am can suddenly have simple solutions at 9am.

# To plan ahead to acquire longer IDE cables when assembling rack-mount machines.

# To loc-tite motherboard standoffs when putting them in so they don’t unscrew from the case when attempting to remove the screw from the MB.

# To grab manufacturer’s updated drivers BEFORE running Windows Update.

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch? (AlohaBob Review)

July 24, 2003

As mentioned earlier, this being “Hardware Hell” week, I like to try to get in whatever hardware and configuration work that needs to be done around here done while I’m in the turning screws and installing stuff mode—after all, it doesn’t take noticably longer to be installing stuff on two or three machines than it does to be installing stuff on one (you still spend all of your time shuffling CDs and watching little status bars climb to full).

On the list was my desktop, and by the time I was done, I needed move to a clean install of XP Pro, which was probably overdue anyway (noticable signs of winrot had started to appear).

Of course, the most painful part about moving to a new install of windows (on the same machine or a different one) is reinstalling everything else.  If you do a lot of things on your machine you probably have a fairly byzantine configuration of apps that must be installed, activated and configured…

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Where’s the love, take 2

July 23, 2003

A couple of months ago I whined about the plight of introverts trying to use Friendster, and put up a Friendster invitation for anyone in similar straits.

10 weeks and a couple of invitations from gregarious folks later (thanks everyone!), I’m connected to over 7,000 people and the service looks a tad bit more interesting now.

If you’re not on Friendster and want to be, along with the start of a decent-sized network, feel free to follow the link above and click on the “Open Invitation” link.  If you are already on Friendster and would like to share networks, click on “Gallery”, “User Search”, and search for Chuck Lawson, and click “Add Chuck as Your Friend”.

See you there!

Friendster Pimps

July 23, 2003

Sign of the times….

The Dark Side of the Force

July 23, 2003

The other side of the Mac experience…

Crash Different


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