Summertime in the Deep North

August 8, 2003

For not being terribly thrilled with my own rustic ancesteral homeland, it’s strange that I’m so completely enamoured of The Deep North, a blog recounting the day-to-day life of a pair of authors living in the wilds of remote northern Scotland.

I don’t recall how I found it, but each new post is a complete treat—if I could ever figure out just who these people are, I’d be buying their books too; the descriptions of the charming and eccentric people who wander in and out, and the minutia of life in the highlands is a wonderful and welcome break from the day.

Who knows, maybe it’s just the wee bit of Scot in my background coming oot…

(Maybe it’s more than wee… I seem to recall The Genealogy Aunt saying we go back to some Scottish Clan or another… I’ve got her epic tome tracing the Lawson clan around here somewhere… hmmm…)

You can see it from there

August 8, 2003

I grew up in Western Nebraska (a place called Gering, which is right next to Scottsbluff, which five more people have heard of then Gering). 

Nestled in the heart of the Nebraska Panhandle, it’s 30 miles from Wyoming, 50 miles from Colorado, and a long, long ways from Lincoln and Omaha, the only cities in Nebraska that anyone has actually heard of (it’s 400+ miles to Omaha, but only 200 miles to Denver or Rapid City, and only 90 miles to Cheyenne). 

Of course, if you explain that to people, they’ve either fallen asleep or wandered off by the time you finish, so I usually tell them that it’s not the end of the world, but on a clear day, you can SEE it from there…

In fact, here are several Quicktime VR pieces that demonstrate that fairly well (all of these are within about an hour’s drive in one direction or another of where I grew up):

Toadstool Park

Antioch Potash Ruins


(this was after “my time” there, but still…)


Lest one get the entirely wrong idea, the majority of the landscape is not as blasted and blighted as one would assume looking at these…

Like I said, though, you can SEE it from there…

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