Movable Type and ColdFusion

August 28, 2004

logging in from the “I’m totally swamped with work” port—apologies for light blogging recently)

Awhile back, without any real ceremony, I switched this site off of Movable Type, which it had run on for a year and a half or so.

While I did this in the midst of “the great 3.0 pricing controversy”, I didn’t really do so because of the price; rather, the “tempest in a teapot” gave some recently matured alternatives a chance to shine, and I went shopping for a replacement.

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Illusively clued

August 16, 2004

Whew.  I feel better now. 

For a little while there, it looked like the music industry had grown a clue, and started figuring out that MP3 blogs were valuable promotional vehicles.

Of course, now that they’ve followed that up with poorly disguised comment spam, we can see that they were just blundering along as usual, treating customers and grass roots supporters like they were a bunch of sheep to be fleeced.

What a relief.

(via Moore’s Lore)

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More libraries – Rare, Sacred or Chilled

August 15, 2004

Duke University has made available digitized copies of a number of books from their Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections library

The Internet Sacred Text Library has literally thousands of books from a wide array of traditions available for your perusal. 

Looking the beat the summer heat?  Try the Antarctic Photo Library.

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An Open Letter to Amazon Regarding “Amazon Sellers”

August 13, 2004

Dear Amazon;

I’m posting this here mostly because of the difficulty in establishing a conversation with anyone there—if one uses any of the “complaint forms”, you can enter a dialog with all of the whitespace edited out, and you receive a reply that says “don’t reply to this, go back and use the form.” Which pretty much precludes being able to have a dialog with a single individual who might follow the discussion enough to pass the message along.

Over the past 45 days, I’ve had four occasions to make purchases from “Amazon Sellers”—you know, those links you promote on items found (or not found) that say “XX New and Used from $YY.YY” Sometimes, those are the only results a user gets when the item is something you’re not stocking.  Other times, it’s an item that I don’t really mind if it’s used (as long as it’s in good condition), and occasionally, the price difference itself is overwhelming.

So in any event, I occasionally buy from the “Amazon Seller.” I do this (rather than going to E-Bay, as one alternative) because I assume that Amazon is establishing a business relationship with the “Seller”, and that you have screened them for at least minimum requirements of performing a business-like transaction.

Now, I’m not so sure.

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H.P. Livejournalcraft

August 12, 2004

This is hilarious—The Morning News has “The Livejournal of Zachary Marsh”—essentially an H.P. Lovecraft “cult of Dagon” style story, with extra added bloggy goodness—like a “Which Muppet Are You?” quiz, pictures of ducks, etc…

It’s a hoot, at least if you happen to be a Lovecraft fan…

The responsible party appears to be Matthew Baldwin, who can more usually be found at Defective Yeti, where he is having a lot of additional fun with a “Cinematic Supervillain Tournament” chart, putting together lineups to follow Alien Vs. Predator…

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Solving your basic management problems…

August 12, 2004

I’m willing to bet posting a “help wanted” ad like this one goes a long ways towards cutting down the number of pesky applications you have to sort though…

I’d be less sympathetic if I hadn’t been on the receiving end of most of the same things myself, but still…

(via Backup Brain)

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Extended Prophet

August 12, 2004

Reason interviews John Perry Barlow, on topics ranging from no longer being permanently 17 to EFF and why lifestyle libertarianism isn’t enough anymore.

John Perry Barlow is one of my favorite people ever.  I liked his lyrics when I first became a Grateful Dead fan back in my teens, and for he last 15 years or so, he’s been one of the few really sensible people out there talking about issues relating to personal freedom and the evolving electronic landscape.  If you’re not familiar with him, then here’s your chance to learn a little more…

(via BoingBoing)

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MP3 Blogger Roundtable

August 11, 2004

Speaking of MP3 Blogs, The Morning News has posted a roundtable discussion with several serious MP3 bloggers.

Apparently there’s a fair amount of support by many of the artists, and even the occasional label (maybe the previous post isn’t all that surprising in that regard after all.)

“I get at least one email a day from an artist who wants me to link to their tunes. I am always thrilled when my weblog can be a conduit between artist and potential fan. Of course, this is why I started my site, and I benefit by discovering great music as well.”

“Recently, Quannum Projects, a label who I have long, long supported, approached me about debuting their new 12-inch on my audio blog, and in that case, I was more than happy to do it because I love their material and this single, in particular, was fantastic.”

Lots more interesting reading.  Check it out.

Warner ENCOURAGING MP3 Blogging?

August 11, 2004

A sign of the times? Or of burgeoning clue? Or a portent of the apocalypse?

Whichever, it appears that Warner Brothers is actually recruiting MP3 Blogs to distribute promotional songs.  What a concept!

There are certainly bands that I’d put up a bit of bandwidth to promote, should their labels become similarly clued…

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It moves mountains…

August 10, 2004

Magma, that is…

Apparently a 2003 series of small earthquakes 19 miles below Lake Tahoe caused the peak of a mountain 11 miles away to shift.

How far did it go? Six millimeters out, 8 millimeters up…

“Of course you forget, Peter. I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration.”

“Ray, the sponges migrated about a foot-and-a-half. “

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