The Macbook Pro’s Best Party Tricks

May 22, 2006

There are a couple of things that are particularly fun about the MacBook Pro, even for the most jaded Mac user.

First of course is the Windows-in-a-window trick. Since I use Desktop Manger to keep a handful of virtual desktops around, I just run Parallels Desktop on a virtual desktop of it’s own. Desktop Manager uses the same visualization effects that Fast User Switching does, and it’s always fun to watch people’s heads snap around when you click on the desktop pager, and it does the rotating cube thing to swing around to a copy of Windows.
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AVG – Free Windows Antivirus

May 22, 2006

Of course, any time you run Windows — even contained in a virtual window under OS X — you’ve got to run an Antivirus program, or pretty soon you’re going to be someone else’s meal.

While writing the previous post about Parallels Desktop for Mac I happened to notice AVG Free updating itself, and remembered that over the weekend I’d noticed a friend was still struggling with Norton on their Windows machine, and it occurred to me that I’ve never really blogged about AVG Free.
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Parallels Workstation for Mac

May 22, 2006

I’ve been using a Macbook Pro (the first of the Intel-based Mac laptops) for about 6 weeks now. I managed to wait long enough for most of the earliest adopter problems to be fixed in the build I received, but the system was still a bit green and wet as far as stability and quirkiness go.

Fortunately, most of those issues seem to be getting resolved with the steady stream of system updates, along with many of my “essential” applications being updated with universal binary support.

As a result, goal one — having a Mac laptop with decent speed — has pretty much been addressed. When running universal binaries (versions of applications that come with native Intel code, and don’t have to be run via the “Rosetta” emulation system), the Macbook Pro is crisp and responsive. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck with two major applications (Macromedia Suite, Microsoft Entourage) that are run in emulation, but hopefully those will get updated soon as well.

Goal two was a little loftier.
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The Colgate invisible shield finally got ‘em…

May 11, 2006

Generation Landslide has always been by far my favorite Alice Cooper song.

Today Boing Boing turned up this brilliant YouTube video mashed up from vintage commercials and propaganda films…