Stephen Fry is gadget blogging

September 20, 2007

Stephen FryZOMGBBQ!!11

Stephen Fry is blogging?

Stephen Fry has an iPhone?

(and apparently everything else Apple has ever produced)

Yep, and yep.

What’s more he’s doing a damn fine and well informed job of it:

Server side apps only. No, no, no, no, no. This is NOT good. It’s one thing to want to keep the proprietary system closed, but to present a device sealed in digital Araldite is a Bad Idea. An Ubuntu flavoured Linux for mobiles is in the works, and you don’t get more open source than that. Damn it, there’s Linux for the Palm available these days. Even Microsoft are making gestures towards client-side open source apps. Only amateurs are going to want to create server side apps for the iPhone. In case you don’t know what I mean, I should explain that the only third party programs available for the iPhone are run out of Safari (the resident browser) pages. You can’t download squat. Enthusiastic individuals will come up with WorldMate or Splash Photo or other top ten smartphone app lookie-likies but until Apple introduces a Java implementation or allows the bonnet to be unwelded and lifted up, the device will remain a fraction of what it should be.

Not that that’s a terrible surprise — I think at this point I’d be more surprised to find Fry holding forth on a topic he wasn’t well informed about (I’d be nearly as surprised to find out a topic he’s not well informed about exists).

If he keeps this up (and if they can keep the server up; it’s been down most of the day since everyone started posting about it), this is going to be a joy to read.

(Speaking of Stephen Fry — apparently a new season of QI starts tomorrow, too!)

(Umm… That’s on the “bittorrent” channel for those of us outside the UK — I suspect hell would freeze over before QI ever aired on US TV.)

This Post Brought to You by MarsEdit…

September 4, 2007

A quick tip of the hat to Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software, who just cut loose version 2.0 of MarsEdit today.

The best blog posting software has gotten even better, with an improved user interface, Flickr integration, and a whole lot more stuff — while still keeping the zen-like simplicity that got me hooked in the first place.

Cheap at $30, even cheaper as a $10 upgrade if you have version 1. If you’re a blogger on OS X, you need to go get a copy.

(If you’re a blogger on Windows, you need to go get a Mac, THEN go get a copy)

The Twitter Staff

September 4, 2007

Gary Burge has hit it right on the head. I’m a long time office-at-home type, but it does occasionally get too quiet.

Twitter fills a nice void in that regard — little snippets of conversation that make things seem much more like working in an office.

Since I tend to follow people on Twitter that are interested in the same things I am, the conversation is usually either entertaining or useful.

Best of all, when it gets too busy, it’s easy to “close the door” and ignore the noise, either going back and reading it later, or just letting it slide on by.

FIOS, BitTorrent and Traffic Shaping

September 4, 2007

I’ve been known to consume the occasional torrent (always something blatantly legal, of course), and being a good BitTorrent user, I maintain a reasonable seed ratio.

Lately I’ve been running into slow seeding on my FIOS line. Worse, I’ve had inordinate slowdowns on the rest of my traffic while seeding. Recently, this has clamped down so tightly that while seeding I’ve had trouble even sending mail on another workstation. It was looking fairly clear that Verizon was clamping down the BitTorrent traffic shaping on FIOS.

Today I ran across this article, and decided to give it a try.

I run Azureus, and just by changing my encryption setting from “plain” to RC4, and enabling the “Lazy Bitfield” option, my seeding speeds jumped by an order of magnitude — and I can send email at the same time.

If you’re running BitTorrent over FIOS, you might want to give this a try…