A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun…

March 24, 2005

A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun
God I’m old.  It’s hard to believe all of this stuff has been around long enough to grow nostalgic about.  I remember it like it was yesterday—free music on Napster, Cool Site of the Day, spam was green card scams on Usenet, Y2K a-coming, and we used to make our daily pilgrimage to—“the last word on the web”.

How long ago is all of that in people years?

Anil Dash has up a great tribute to the long-gone – check it out.

(via Anil Dash)

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One Response to “A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun…”

  1. rimone on March 24th, 2005 5:43 am

    i miss it as well (and i’m older than you, nyah). 😉

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