Adios, Point Pleasant

March 23, 2005

Gail Berman is leaving Fox, but not without yet another show from a Mutant Enemy alumna* going under the axe. 

Apparently Point Pleasant is history, effective immediately.  Here’s the word, direct from Marti Noxon.

“No new ep on Thursday… In a way I’m glad because Thursday’s episode didn’t quite come together the way I would have liked and I would have hated for that to be our final word. Eps 9-12 were going to be pretty cool, though. Lots of twists and scary stuff.

Anyway – thanks to those of you who care. It’s been a bumpy ride for sure. If you feel inclined you can bug Fox studios to issue the season on DVD. I know they are thinking about it – and you’d get to see all the “lost” eps, which will be airing overseas.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Minear’s “The Inside” fares at Fox post-Berman—that is, of course, if it should ever manage to get launched at all.  Maybe Fox will finish up as “All American Idol, all the time” instead.

So, adios to Point Pleasant.

You started out a little rough, but you smoothed out nicely, and did manage to come up with one of the most interesting bad guys of the year. 

Hopefully one day we’ll see the remaining episodes and put you on the DVD shelf next to Firefly and Wonderfalls and the rest of your brethern (and hey, I hear there’s going to be a Profit DVD set soon, too!)—TV too smart or too edgy for the likes of Fox.

Yes, it’s spelled right; I looked it up…


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