Airport Express Lowdown

July 16, 2004


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One Response to “Airport Express Lowdown”

  1. Christine Finch on January 16th, 2006 1:48 pm

    My husband bought and installed the airport express – but only wanted to use it for Itunes. We have a Linksys that runs our wireless printer and fax machine — however now with the Airport express – I cannot get the printer to work and the Linksys seems to be shutout by Airport Express. The problem is we are located in a rural section with no cable, DSL etc and use a wireless broadband card to connect our laptops to the internet. The Linksys allowed us to print any where in the house. The Airport was purchased to connect to the surround sound at the TV – no where close to the printer – hence the cables cannot be connected. I am guessing that the two systems cannot work together and I have to choose printint over surround sound — suggestions or verification of my guess…….

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