Alabama 3 – Katrina Relief Appeal

September 11, 2005

Alabama 3Brothers and Sisters, I’ve been remiss in mentioning that my favorite band, the UK’s Alabama 3, has up an MP3 of a new song, “Trying to get to Heaven (Before They Close the Door)” — it’s available free, but only if you donate to one of the various Hurricane Katrina charity funds (you’re on the honor system, but you don’t wanna piss off the Rev. D. Wayne.)

The back story is that after they got the news about Katrina, they headed into the studio and cut this track especially for this purpose (which is more than some folks over here were doing at the time — not bad for a club band from Brixton.)

They selected “Trying to get to Heaven”, a cover of an old Bob Dylan piece, as being particularly appropriate to the situation, but as you can imagine, it sounds a little different with Larry Love’s blues-soaked vocals than it did when Dylan did it.

“‘Cus I’m going down the river baby,
I’m going down to New Orleans.
When find out you’ve lost everything,
you find out you lose a little more.
I’ve been all around the world boys,
I’m trying to get to heaven before they close the door”

Alabama 3 – Trying to Get to Heaven (Before They Close the Door)

Excellent work, from the best band that nobody ever heard of…

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