AOpen Media Center Server 400/410

June 2, 2005

For those looking to buy in that ever-growing “give me a PC that looks like a stereo receiver” market, AOpen has introduced a new line of “Digital Home Entertainment PCs” (which translates as “Windows Media Center Edition Home Theater PCs”, apparently.)

The top-of-the-line model is the Media Center Server (server?) 400/410, cunningly disguised as a giant piece of audiophile gear, with room for 7 (!) drives.

bios magazine has the goods

The Media Center Server 400/410 is designed to look like a conventional audio amplifier. The housing of the innovative product is designed with storage space for seven hard drives. The system is developed with the functions to receive video streams from multiple TV channels. For instance, you can record video streams or TV programs of up to three different TV channels with built-in hard drives. You can also manage, edit, browse, or playback the recorded video streams or TV programs recorded on the system’s hard drives.

For those looking for something more svelte, they also offer the “stylish and super slim” XC REC6, apparently with all the important stuff but less heft.

Although AOpen XC REC6 is also designed for providing digital home entertainment, the look and feel of XC REC6 is totally different from that of Media Center Server. The stylish and super slim XC REC6 is only 69mm in height, making it ideal for the sitting room. Despite its compact size, the product features a VFD panel and push buttons which allow you to operate the system and examine its operation status. It also supports nearly all important audio and video interfaces including S-Video, YPbPr, and D4 connectors for displaying video output to HDTVs or LCD screens.

No word yet on prices, but I’m guessing “cheap” won’t be the word when we hear it…

(via Engadget)

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