Apple & Intel — All About the DRM?

June 7, 2005

I’ve been posting elsewhere about Apple and Intel’s newfound lovefest, but this one fits best over here…

We’ll doubtless hear a lot of wild speculation in the upcoming weeks and months, but Cult of Mac has an interesting spin — that it’s all about Digital Rights Management.

But why would Apple do this? Because Apple wants Intel’s new Pentium D chips.

Released just few days ago, the dual-core chips include a hardware copy protection scheme that prevents “unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted materials from the motherboard,” according to PC World.

Apple — or rather, Hollywood — wants the Pentium D to secure an online movie store (iFlicks if you will), that will allow consumers to buy or rent new movies on demand, over the Internet.

An interesting spin, if there’s any truth to it. Apple has repeatedly bent over backwards to keep the record labels happy about iTunes “FairPlay” DRM; it wouldn’t be out of character for them to do the same for Hollywood.

Does Jobs believe that the big bucks are actually going to be in becoming the ITMS for movies?

If so, the number of desktops running OS X may become more of a concern than the number of machines sold. Will we see “OS X Ready” machines from other vendors, or even “OS X for ‘Windows Ready’ computers”?

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