Apple Two Button Mouse

March 16, 2005

There’s a rumour afoot that Apple is busy working on a two-button mouse… 

This may be yet another sign (along with the Mini) that Apple is getting serious about taking over some Windows market share.

Or it may just mean that Steve Jobs discovered his middle finger was useful for more than non-verbal communication…

In any event, if it’s true, it’s high time. 

Too late for me, though—I’m corrupted; I can’t use a computer (even a Mac) without four buttons (two thumb buttons for back and forward) and a scroll wheel. 

There’s probably a special place in hell for me, but I’m still using a Microsoft wireless keyboard and Explorer mouse.

(Along with the awesomely useful open-source app uControl to futz all the keys into the proper place when the keyboard is plugged in, and leave the Powerbook keyboard unswitched when it isn’t.)


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