Bands with Crappy Websites

December 6, 2004

Can we get an amen for Brother Merlin’s Observations?

I want to quote the entire thing, but I won’t, so go read it.  It’s short and to the point, and makes a substantial amount of sense.  His observations fit the sites of several of my favorite bands perfectly (y’all know who you are, too.)

I’ve got one more complaint to add, and then a couple of other thoughts to ramble on about…

The complaint—if you’re not some famous top ten act (if you were, I probably wouldn’t be on your site, and certainly wouldn’t be trying to get people to listen to you), you really, desperately need to put some of your best material online as MP3s that your fans can send the heathens to listen to so they can be converted.  Half-assed stuff that isn’t good enough for an album isn’t going to make anyone who doesn’t know your good stuff buy an album.  For those of you who DO put decent MP3s up, you really need to take Merlin’s recommendation about decent ID3 information to heart—that way people know how to find more of your stuff (and buy an album or come to a show).  If you’re not comfortable doing ID3 tagging, some of your fans will be HAPPY to help.

Now, on the defense—before you blame the band for their crappy site, consider that it might be their crappy management making the crappy decisions, and the band might not be too happy about it either—in which case the band might appreciate your helping to give their management a clue, as long as you direct the complaints where they’re deserved…

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One Response to “Bands with Crappy Websites”

  1. rimone on December 7th, 2004 5:21 am

    LOL…where to begin? thank you for this, Chuck.

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