Bar Lorca Desperados

August 4, 2004

Alabama3 Presents DesperadosSunday night in Brixton featured the Larry Love Showband, along with D Wayne Love (which is pretty much most of Alabama3) and Captain Paranoid and the Delusions playing at Bar Lorca.

Unfortunately, Brixton’s a long ways from Dallas, so I wasn’t there, but Rimone was, and she’s finally pulled herself together enough to give us a full report, in her own inimitable fashion.  Here are a couple of highlights (but go read her post):

“Captain Paranoid & the Delusions were THE main attraction of the evening. from the second they hit the stage w/bodyloose, we were dancing our asses off next to Kate and the lady in red, (ms Love). we saw them once last summer at the windmill and they were dynamite then but somehow managed to verily outdo themselves the other night. this was the first time i’d seen them play w/Lisa (six foot tall, long blond dreads, glitter trousers) and like the rest of his band, she really rocked.”

“Larry looked goo-oo-ood and sounded great but that’s him all over…”

She also promises pictures soon (everybody keep reminding her..)

A good portion of the UK contingent from FreeA3 were there as well, and it appears that a great time was had by all.

If you didn’t get there either, you can download some kickass MP3s of Captain Paranoid and Larry Love at Captain Paranoid’s site, and some (unfortunately not quite as great) MP3s of Alabama3 at the Alabama3 State Pen

(Ahem. It sure would be nice if A3’s management remembered that there are a lot of fans beating the bushes for them out here and it’d be a damn site easier to convince people to go buy some of the CDs if there were some better representative samples of their music available for us to point people to.  I mean geeze—what part of this don’t they get?  Captain Paranoid doesn’t even have an album out yet, and I will guarantee that what I’ve heard so far will have me busting my ass to buy an import, even at the current crappy exchange rate, the day one appears)

Enough ranting… Go read Rimone’s report.  Go drop by FreeA3 and show your support.  Go get some music from the Cap’n, and prepare to enjoy…

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One Response to “Bar Lorca Desperados”

  1. rimone on August 16th, 2004 1:07 am

    thanks for the terrific post and link, chuck. i edited my own last night to include mention of D Wayne’s FANTASTIC rap, ‘you ARE somebody’ which i hope will show up on the band’s next release. as far as their ‘management’ goes…nah, i ain’t gonna ruin my day by thinking about it. 😉

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