Best PDA-enabled web sites?

March 31, 2005

One thing about the Treo 650 is I find I actually use the web browser, which is something I’ve seldom ever done on Wi-Fi PDAs, WAP phones, etc.  In fact, I use it enough that I’m beginning to develop a collection of “favorite” PDA-enabled sites.  (Yes, making a PDA-enabled view of this site is on my to-do list somewhere too…)

Here’s my current list—please share your own favorites!

In no particular order: – Useful for looking up all sorts of strange things. – Wikipedia for PDAs – Google Mobile Search – Accuweather Mobile – Weather Underground

Mobile – Google Mobile Local (beta)

What’s on your PDA?

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One Response to “Best PDA-enabled web sites?”

  1. Nick on June 8th, 2006 2:32 pm

    Try on your Palm. Tons of information. Easy to navigate. I love it.

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