Beyond The Basic Blog

November 1, 2004

Beyond The Basic Blog
If you have a handle on why a weblog is an important element of your small business web site, it’s time to learn how to maximize the value you’re getting from your blog. This teleclass series will give you an essential understanding of topics including:

  • Simplify writing new articles with a much improved editor.
  • Minimize the daily grind while maintaining a great return.
  • Find and retain a new variety of users by adding simple features.
  • Keep your weblog free of annoyances.

This six week Teleclass Series consists of the following one hour sessions:

  1. Blogging Clients
  2. Traffic and the Rhythm Method
  3. Trading Traffic and Technorati
  4. Podcasting
  5. Feature Integration and FeedBurner
  6. Avoiding Cranks, Crackpots, Spammers and Other Vermin

Participants will receive a lesson plan for each class, as well as access to the downloadable audio recordings of each class. The cost for this series is $125.

Special Offer: This series is currently under development — if you would like to be a participant during this development phase, your cost will be only $99 for the entire six-week series. A limited number of seats will be available for this price, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Next Scheduled Class: TBD

If you have questions, or are interested in participating in this series, please leave a comment using the form below.

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