Tony Bourdain – Food Network Smackdown, Take II

March 8, 2007

A few weeks ago I posted about Tony Bourdain taking Food TV to task on Michael Ruhlman’s blog…

Apparently the punch line was that a week later he was on stage at the South Beach Food & Wine fest (which is sponsored by the Food Network), and decided to take it all a little further — with many of the network’s stars and execs in attendance.

Ruhlman has the story here…

Bourdain stood to speak his mind in person, no hiding behind the safety of a blog.

“Up until the last minute,” he said yesterday, “I didn’t know if I was going to pussy out.” He didn’t, apparently—if anything his vitriol was more voluminous than on his post—he lanced the boil and the pus just kept coming. Apparently Mikey from Top Chef was in the audience—Bourdain singled him out as an example of hope for the future of food television.

It takes balls to stand up there and mouth off at the TV folks at their own festival, while they’re signing books a few hundred yards away. I always thought the guy was a coward hiding behind his big mouth. I was wrong. The guy’s got balls.

After the jump, there’s a short clip of Tony going off on Sandra Lee at the festival…

The audio sucks, but I wish we had the whole appearance… It lets you appreciate just how restrained he is on camera in No Reservations…

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