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April 1, 2004

I’m now essentially working 100% on the Powerbook.  I’ve found workable options for pretty much everything I do on a day-to-day basis, but there are still Windows apps and tools that I’ve yet to find a Mac replacement for.  I’m open for suggestions for anything on this list (other than running VirtualPC).

E-Book Reader—Preferably supporting MobiPocket format (which doesn’t seem likely), or any common format (“formats you can download at blackmask” would be a reasonable guideline) OTHER than Adobe.  A Mac version of ConvertLit would be nice too.

MobiPocket Publisher—To generate MobiPocket format e-books for my PDA and phone.

MP3Gain—A replacement for the PC implementation of MP3Gain that comes as a simple installable app (rather than a “you can download and compile all of this” option).  Integration into iTunes would be a plus.

Update – Found.  iVolume handles this.

Document Manager—A replacement for PaperPort on Windows.

Windows Remote Admin client that does multiple simultaneous sessions.

Google Toolbar for Safari—Safari of course does pop-up blocking and has Google searching built in.  What it’s missing is the Page Info, Page Rank, and Translate options.  Replacements for applets like the Blogrolling and Technorati applets would be nice, too.

Update—Almost solved.  There’s a Google Toolbar plugin for Firefox.  Unfortunately, Firefox 0.9 is a wee bit unstable

I’ll post updates as I find solutions for these things and / or more stuff I’ve missed.


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