Brugo – double tippy sippy cup

November 27, 2006

If you need a complicated $20 mug to get your coffee at the right temperature, Brugo may be just the mug for you.

Available in about 12 eye-watering colors, the Brugo mug will (if you set the dial on the top correctly) allow you to spill some of your hot coffee into a cooling chamber in the lid to cool down to drinking temperature, while keeping the rest of it toasty warm.

This is all in support of what Brugo calls the “Perfect Temperature Zone”, or “PTZ”. The site is full of multimedia showing graphs of how long it takes properly brewed coffee to come to this temperature and how fast it falls below it.

Or you could just brew (or order) reasonably-sized cups of coffee, which cool down to the right temperature quickly, and drink them before they get too cold.

I’m just sayin…

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