Business Blogging Article Roundup

January 15, 2005

There are a lot of people busily writing away this week on how to successfully build and promote business blogs.  Here are a handful of good tips regarding finding your voice as a business blogger, and some anecdotes regarding search engine success.

It’s still worth remembering that all of this has to be part of a consistent strategy that includes:

  • Adding content on a regular basis that appeals to your site’s audience.
  • Establishing your credibility and making your message clear on all pages.
  • Optimizing your site design for best search engine impact.
  • Formulating and implementing a strategy to get links to your site.
  • Encouraging visitors to return to your site, subscribe to your newsletter and read your RSS feed.
  • A strategy for turning those visitors into prospects and customers

If you don’t cover all of these bases, you’re only going to get half a loaf — a well designed small business web site that doesn’t bring in traffic, or a site that brings in traffic but fails to convert it to customers.

In the meantime, here are some great reads:

T. L. Pakii Pierce (with a very nicely designed site) offers:
The Un-Marketers Guide To Blog Promotion
How To Create Blog Success and How To Measure Your Blog ROI
Online Business Networks has some tips for:
Search engine optimization for your blog

Robin Good with some advice on:
How to Use Blogs for Direct Marketing

and lastly, an article (unfortunately, with a pop-up) offers:
Case Study: Using a Weblog to Achieve #1 Rankings in Google

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