Carnivale shuffling back from the dead?

November 27, 2005

I was disappointed last winter when HBO decided to drop Carnivale at the end of its second season; the damn thing had started making sense finally (after a fairly confusing first season); and had just taken a fairly interesting end-of-season plot twist…

The Knoxville News suggests that there just might be a little life left in the thing, however.

HBO’s terrible decision to end Carnivale earlier this year may not mean the end of the series. One insider tells me that HBO has inquired about making a two-hour movie to wrap up the loose plot ends. There is also discussion of relaunching the series in comic-book form, starting from the first season and bringing it past where the last episode left us.

The powers-that-be behind the series have nixed the idea of the two-hour movie because they say it would not be enough time to do the story justice. Apparently “Carnivale’s” storyline went through 1945, and when the show ended it wasn’t out of the 1930s yet.

The comic book suggestion, however, might just happen.

Feh… A comic book continuation wouldn’t be my first choice, although it’d be a little better than nothing.

This looks like the kind of show that some netlet or other really ought to consider resurrecting; it can’t have had a terribly high effects budget (other than period costuming, and dirt by the truckload), and it already has a pre-built cult following…

Maybe it’d even be another good candidate for the DVD-subscription or ‘net-delivered show idea that keeps getting kicked around these days?

(via Whedonesque)

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