Cheaper Treo 650s

September 14, 2005

Treo 650PalmOne has lowered the price of unlocked Treo 650s by $50, bringing it down to $649 for those who want to buy a phone without a plan and without getting locked into a carrier.

There are also several $100 rebate and discount deals out there now, making it possible to buy a 650 (with strings attached) down into the $100 – $200 range if you really hunt around and aren’t afraid to commit to a contract.

On the other hand, Treos without a service plan from somebody don’t do much good (it’s not wedge-shaped enough to be a good doorstop, a little large for a paperweight, and seriously underweight for a boat anchor), so I’m usually willing to take a plan deal from someone or another.

Amazon is showing Verizon and Cingular deals down as low as $299, if you want to skip all of the hassling (and sales tax) of going down to the local carrier store to buy one, or risking an online deal from someone you never heard of.

Of course, all of these deals may mean that the next generation isn’t far away…

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