‘Chill, Honey Bunny…’

April 19, 2004

Here’s a double-treat for fans of chill-out, trip-hop, lounge & related music…

First up, there’s Theta States – Bedroom Music for Bedroom People—a collection of cd-length MP3 mixes of down-tempo beats, abstract underground hip-hop, and various other tasty items.  Around 21 hours worth of material, ready-to-download.  So far, the ones I’ve listened to seem very listen-able, and will be much appreciated in my collection.  I only wish they’d have left the individual cuts separate and tied them together with playlists, so that they could be further sliced and diced, but it’s all free, which makes it tough to argue about it.


Next, MeFi also picked up “Bedroom Music” (chicken, egg, who knows?) and the discussion included a pointer to ElectronicScene, which is just chock-full of free downloads and streams for everything even vaguely electronica related.  They also appear to sell a pretty broad variety of the same.

It’s anyone’s guess how long these treasure-troves will be available, so I wouldn’t recommend hesitating.

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