March 16, 2004

Quicksilver—the new Neal Stephenson novel—appears to be out in e-book format(s) now.



Of course, there’s no discount involved in not killing a tree, or not having to print or ship the book, even if you do buy the digital copy… Much like paying not to have lead added to my gasoline, I’m getting used to that idea…

But some of the disingenuous gouging on the part of some of the e-book sites is getting a little annoying.

The book lists for $20.  One of the e-book sites (let’s call them “HandMedia”) has a “Sale” price of $18, or $16 and some change if you join their “club”.  Another one (let’s call them “DramaWise”) has it for $20, or $17 if you join their “club”. (all prices rounded).

Yet if you go to plain-jane, you can buy it in the DRM format of your choice (unless your choice is “none” of course) for $16.  No clubs, no silliness.

Guess where I’m buying?


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