Coffee Pot Beer Brewing

May 17, 2005

If you’re tired of making coffee in your coffee pot…

Wait… Let’s not get all crazy here…

Okay… If you’ve bought a great new drip coffee maker, and are looking for something interesting to do with your old one (there, that’s better), you could try your hand at brewing beer in it.

AllAboutBeer has the instructions in “How to Brew Beer in a Coffee Pot”.

The process of brewing coffee, I discovered, was a good way to relate the brewing process to people who do not understand zymurgy, the technical term for making beer. This became more than a useful analogy: with familiar kitchen equipment, you can repeat the steps of the process that goes on in breweries large and small-and make a very small batch of beer.

It looks interesting, but it’d require drinking more beer than this thing makes for me to have the patience to give it a try…

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