Comcast’s Non-Outages

April 14, 2005

Comcast has had a ton of problems in the last week, unless of course you ask them, in which case it’s “scheduled maintenance”.

Of course, that’s “scheduled” kind of like they schedule the repair guy to come out—“we’re not sure when it’s gonna happen”. 

The long and short of it appears to be that their DNS servers are having serious problems.  Since DNS is what turns names of things on the Internet (for example, “”) into addresses that your machine can really go to in order to find the service you want, when your DNS is down you’re pretty much entirely down, unless you happen to know the IP address of anything you want to talk to.

Unless you specify a different DNS server, anyway.  I changed mine to one of my own about a week ago when this crud first started, and I’ve not noticed most of the problems since. 

If you’re a Comcast sufferer user and need some hints on DNS server addresses to use while they get their act together, you might want to read through the discussion here


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