Comdex – Still Dead

March 31, 2005

This just in—Comdex is still dead.

Comdex, once one of the largest high-tech tradeshows in the world, has been cancelled for a second year, the show’s owner said Tuesday.

Comdex 2005 was cancelled despite the efforts of its owner MediaLive International Inc. to take the conference out of limbo. The tradeshow, which is traditionally held in Las Vegas, Nev., in November, was cancelled last year for the first time after 25 years.

Meanwhile, a bazillion geeks look up from their web browsers and say “so what?”, and the only folks who are apparently mourning it are Vegas hotel owners and the people who still own the body…

Comdex made a lot of sense some sense was somewhat useful back in the ‘80s, and maybe even early 90’s, when there wasn’t anyplace else to turn for announcements. 

I did about 12 years in a row of the thing (including a couple of incredibly miserable years working it), until I hit the point that if a product came out and I needed to know about it, if the information wasn’t available on the ‘net, I didn’t care.

I went back to Vegas after a 10 year hiatus a couple of years ago (not for a Comdex, thank God) and it was a completely different place; somebody turned it into a theme park in the meantime.

I don’t miss Comdex a bit. 

Cut off its head, and bury it in the shadow of a church, would ya?  You know, just to be sure.


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