DigitalLife HDTV Special

November 28, 2005

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about HDTV, but were afraid to ask — over on Digital Life this week, Tech TV alums Robert Heron and Patrick Norton spend about an hour doing what Tech TV always did best — explaining technology in an excellent and accessable manner.

This week they’re covering pretty much all of the ins and outs of HDTV — here’s their rundown:

  • Wondering what HDTV is? Robert Heron says it’s two things: an HDTV screen and HDTV content.
  • Big glass tubes, front projectors, rear projectors, plasmas, LCD, OLED… they all have their strong points.
  • Plasma vs. LCD: why there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ thin HDTV.
  • Going HDTV shopping this holiday? Loyd Case tells Patrick how to find the perfect HDTV.
  • Your HDTV checklist: Loyd’s got a list you should check twice before dropping the big bucks on your.
  • Get the hook-up on HDTV connectors, and what you’ll need to get your PC, DVD, cable or sat TV hooked up!
  • Wondering where to find the best HDTV content? Jim Louderback walks us thru his favorite sources, from TiVo to over the air
  • Trust us, that old UHF antenna is far from dead!

If you’re considering buying HD, you need to go download this and watch it today.

(via HDBeat)

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