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September 1, 2005

Credit: DirectNIC

I’ve been a serious fan of DirectNIC for a lot of years; they’ve always been an upstanding domain registrar and have several times pulled my ass out of a jam (usually of my own making) by making incredible things happen, often in the wee small hours of the morning.

These guys are talented and dedicated — I just had no idea how much, until I stumbled into The Survival of New Orleans Blog, being run by the folks who are keeping DirectNIC’s data center up and running, right in the heart of New Orlean’s beseiged central business district.

Flooding in the CBD: Poydras is flooded from near the west side of the Superdome down to Baronne street. All of the side streets are flooded too down that way. Baronne is the last flooded street as you head to the river. Poydras is clear from Baronne to the river.

There is no water that we could see from Poydras to the interstate starting at Baronne and going all the way to the river. Headed toward Canal St. from Poydras, I saw no flooding at all from just past Baronne to the river. That’s a huge area of the CBD without water on the streets. That’s way better than the warnings we got.

Looting: The police are looting. This has been confirmed by several independent sources. Some of the looting might be “legitimate” in as much as that word has any meaning in this context. They have broken into ATMs and safes: confirmed. We have eyewitnesses to this. They have taken dozens of SUVs from dealerships ostensibly for official use. They have also looted gun stores and pawn shops for all the small arms, supposedly to prevent “criminals” from doing so. But who knows their true intentions. We have an inside source in the NOPD who says that command and control is in chaos. He reports that command lapses more than 24 hours between check-ins, and that most of the force are “like deer in the headlights.” NOPD already had a reputation for corruption, but I am telling you now that the people we’ve been talking to say they are not recognizing the NOPD as a legitimate authority anymore, since cops have been seen looting in Walmarts and forcing people out of stores so they could back up SUVs and loot them. Don’t shoot the messenger….

Personal: Securing a 27 floor high rise with no elevator support is not fun. I am totally worn out. I am gonna chill for an hour, eat dinner, then perform maintenance. But never fear, Outpost Crystal and Team SOTI have knuckled down and will never quit. Never. We are prepared to go all the way to see this thing through.

Thanks again for all the support and love. One day this will all be over and ancient history, but I’ll never forget the kindness of strangers. Keep the less fortunate people in your thoughts and prayers.

Gripping stuff, and far better than what we’re getting from the newsies… Check it out.

update 9/1 am
(Edited URL above to preferred URL…) The story just keeps getting grimmer; they’re sheltering a wayward NOPD officer who’s told them some of how it’s going outside their immediate area…

Security has become a major concern now, because the NOPD is ineffective and the looters terrorists are roaming the streets. Word is now that they’re lighting buildings on fire, but I can’t confirm that. Anyway, we have to run guard shifts and patrol and it limits our downtime.

It is a zoo out there though, make no mistake. It’s the wild kingdom. It’s Lord of the Flies. That doesn’t mean there’s murder on every street corner. But what it does mean is that the rule of law has collapsed, that there is no order, and that property rights cannot and are not being enforced. Anyone who is on the streets is in immediate danger of being robbed and killed. It’s that bad.

Much more here – The Survival of New Orleans Blog

Updated again, 9/1 pm
Outpost Crystal trying to restore their OC3 lines; I’ve changed the links back to the livejournal page that’s still standing. Things look grim — total loss of rule of law; if you think you know what’s happening in NO by watching the news, think again…

If anyone can help or give advice with BellSouth / Telecove OC3s, please follow the links above and try to help — this is one of the only (perhaps the last) bastion of uncensored news coming out of New Orleans… They have competent technical people and the means to get where they need to get and do what needs to be done, if someone can tell them what it is.

Update 9/1 late
They seem to have their connectivity straightened out, and are also apparently helping get the N.O. city hall back online…

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