Directory Assistant for the Treo 650

March 16, 2005

Directory AssistantOne application I hadn’t thought of until I started playing with the Treo 650 was online directory assistance.  That is, until I ran into Rick Whitt’s great freeware application, “Directory Assistant

Directory Assistant (“DA”) is a nifty little application that should work on most any Palm OS device with wireless Internet access.  Since the Treo has a built-in thumboard and DA supports the Treo’s 5-way navigation button, it’s a natural for the 650.

Directory Assistant is a deceptively straight-forward application.  Pick “business” or “residential”, type in a name and a city, pick a state, and press the lookup button.  DA then goes out to, does your lookup, and returns the results.  You choose the correct one, and it’ll show you name, address, and phone number.

That’s cool enough (and cheaper than a directory assistance call by a mile), but as they say on late night infomercials, “wait, there’s more…”.

Once you find the result you want, press a button and it’s copied to your contacts.  Press another button, and DA goes out to Mapquest and gets you a map.  Press yet another button, and you can enter your current location, and get driving directions.

The application itself is small, unobtrusive, and at least on Sprint’s PCS Vision, quite speedy—it only takes a couple of seconds to get your result.

If you have a Treo, you need to check this out (it works on the older ones as well).  If you don’t have a Treo, here’s another reason to get one…

DA is freeware.  If you use it and like it, please consider clicking the Paypal button on the download page, and drop Rick a few dollars.  It’s the right thing to do. 


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