Dishplayer 942 Missing Recordings

October 6, 2005

Grrrr… The one inexcusable thing for a PVR is to miss recordings.

Unfortunately, the Dishplayer 942 (which I’ve been quite happy with until now) has started doing it in spades this week — it missed Nip/Tuck on FX on Tuesday, Lost & Invasion on local HD Wednesday, and now Alias on local HD tonight…

I thought for a minute that it was something I was doing or I had it set wrong, but catching it in the act, it shows the show as recording (in the guide) and recorded (in the schedule), but the red recording light isn’t on, and the recording is nowhere to be seen on the recording list.

Tonight I rebooted it when I caught it doing this, and it came back on and started immediately recording. Unfortunately, it’d already missed 20 minutes.

It looks like I’m not alone — there are a lot of complaints on the DBSTalk Forum.

It looks like this problem coincided with a recent firmware upgrade — I hope they get it fixed quickly.

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