Download music. 83% of musicians can’t be wrong.

May 4, 2004

The latest survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicates that 83% of artists have provided free samples of their work online, and many say that free downloading has helped them sell CDs and increased the crowds at their concerts (where the artists actually make a buck or two).  Only 5% say that it’s hurt them.

As for their own careers, more of these artists say free music downloading online has helped them than hurt them. Fully 83% of those in the survey say they provide free samples or previews of their music online. And strong pluralities say free downloading has a payoff for them. For instance, 35% of them say free downloading has helped their careers and only 5% say it has hurt. Some 30% say free downloading has helped increase attendance at their concerts, 21% say it has helped them sell CDs or other merchandise; and 19% say it has helped them gain radio playing time for their music. Only fractions of them cite any negative impact of downloading on those aspects of their work.


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