Downloadable TV from the BBC

May 17, 2005

According to Ars Technica, the BBC is getting ready to offer much of its TV programming as downloadable media, beginning with a trial in September.

Initially, users will have access to 190 hours of television programs and another 310 radio programs along with some feature films and other content.

The bad news is that you must be a UK resident, have a paid-up UK TV license, and the content you download is deleted after seven days.

Users of the BBC’s interactive Media Player (iMP) will download the files from a peer-to-peer network, and some sort of DRM will be used to ensure that only those who pay the license fee will be able to access and watch the broadcasts.

Hopefully one of these days they’ll make it possible for the rest of us to participate as well…

Link to BBC Press release on the new service trial.

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