Express Goodness

June 7, 2004

Airport ExpressI don’t often blog about stuff that everyone else is blogging about, but the new Apple Airport Express (“with airtunes”) is just a little too nifty to ignore. I need about three of these things, yesterday.

Seriously, this is almost a stroke of genius—a router or a bridge, plus the ability to connect to stereos and printers.  I do have a need for another 802.11g bridge (or access point), but the additional goodies make me want another in the living room near the home theater, and another next to the printer that I’m tired of switching between the PC and my powerbook….  It’s easier to justify adding one for these purposes as you can always convince yourself that “hey! this will improve my wireless coverage too!”.  It doesn’t hurt at all that it’s attractive and tiny…

Plus another one for my notebook bag…

How is it that Apple can find their way into my pocket so easily?

Update: Airport Express Lowdown

Update: Airport Express – Shipping & Discounted?


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