Fiona Apple MP3s

March 22, 2005

You’ve probably already heard the story; apparently there was a Fiona Apple album in the works, but her label (Sony) declined to release it, “due to the lack of a single”.

An early low-quality version of the album made it’s way online a month or two ago, and ever since, fans have been clamoring for the album to be released so they could get full-quality versions.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a Fiona fan, but this album has a strange, quirky appeal (to me anyway); I added three or four tracks to my main playlist.

In any event, somebody must have done something.  Still no signs of Sony relenting on the release, but full-quality MP3s of the album have made their way online.

You can downoad individual MP3s or the full album via Torrent here.

Check it out; you just might find something you like.

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