FireFox 1.0 – Waiting on Extensions…

November 10, 2004

Firefox Snacking on IEIf you’ve been living in a cave the past few weeks you might have missed that FireFox made its official 1.0 release yesterday.


Unfortunately, for those of us who have gotten addicted to various nifty extensions, we’re now in the second waiting period—waiting for the extensions we (think we) absolutely have to have to get updated so that we can actually update our FireFox…

For me, the combination of “Super Drag and Go”, “Close Tab on Double Click” and “Focus Last Selected Tab” are worth their weight in gold for productivity.  Click on any link, drag it anywhere, and the page opens in a new tab (much faster than “Open Link in New Tab”, and doesn’t change focus to the new tab).  Click on the new page, read it, double-click the tab to close it, and “Focus Last Selected Tab” takes you to whatever tab you were last on, regardless of how many tabs you have open (I have 18 open in this window right now).  It’s magic—it integrates nicely into my workflow, and doesn’t require any contex menu messing about.

I upgraded to 1.0 for about an hour yesterday, and switched back to 1.0PR to wait for these to get updated…

(Update 11/11/04)

Talk about your curb service—all of the above extensions have been updated (“Close Tab on Double Click” has now been extended to have a whole range of operations), and Undo Close Tab (which I’ve missed for several versions) is even updated.  The only thing I’m missing is an updated extension, but since they seem to be down today, it wouldn’t do me much good anyway…

(Slightly later still…) is back up, and an updated version of the extension has been found.  We’re locked and loaded!

(I should probably spring for a whole new post soon…)

Now running one of the G4 Optimized builds of 1.0 (G5 builds available via the same link for the faster and less portable crowd), and it’s enough faster to be worth the trouble.  I hate the icon he used, but it’s a simple matter to edit the package and put the familiar “fox humping the southern hemisphere” icon back in…

Firefox eating IE logo swiped from the image gallery on

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3 Responses to “FireFox 1.0 – Waiting on Extensions…”

  1. B. Rintoul on November 11th, 2004 4:52 pm

    Speaking of extensions, try my “LookAhead” extension.  I do not have the official extension for 1.0 ready on, but you can go here to get it directly:

    If you’d like to read about it – which seems like a good idea – go here:

  2. Chuck Lawson on November 11th, 2004 6:51 pm

    Thanks!  It looks interesting (and I have a Google API key around here somewhere).  Unfortunately when I went to install the 1.0 version it told me that it was for .10 only… Maybe this is a bug with the G4 Optimized version?

  3. B. Rintoul on November 23rd, 2004 6:54 pm

    Did you try to get it from again?  There is a copy of 1.2 on the site which should work for you… I’d be surprised if it didn’t…

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