Firefox 1.5 – Show us your extensions

December 3, 2005

Have you found any great extensions to make your Firefox experience all it can be? Leave a comment, and let us know.

Here’s what I’m currently using (list via ListZilla 0.7):

Interface Enhancements:
FLST 0.8.5 – Focus Last Selected Tab
Linkification 1.1.6 – Converts text links into genuine, clickable links.
Super DragAndGo 0.2.4d1 – Drag a link to open it in a new tab.
Tab Clicking Options 0.6.1 – Assign actions to clicking events on a tab
Viamatic foXpose 0.2 – Click on the icon to view all windows with a single click.
GrApple (Eos) 1.2 – GrApple Eos style
SessionSaver .2 – Magically restores your last browsing session.
Xinha Here! 0.2 – Opens Xinha HTML editor
CookieCuller 1.2.0 – Extended Cookie Manager–protect selected cookies
ReloadEvery 1.5 – Reloads webpages every so many seconds or minutes
ScrapBook 0.18.0 – This extension lets you save pages & collections.

Improve visited sites:
Adblock Plus 0.5.10 – Filters ads. Now with whitelisting and synchronization
CustomizeGoogle 0.39 – Enhance Google search results

Keep track of other sites:
Adsense Notifier 0.7 – Displays your adsense earnings on the statusbar
Gmail Notifier 0.5.3 – A notifier for Gmail accounts

SEO Tools:
SearchStatus 1.14 – Display the Google PageRank and Alexa ranking
SEO Links 1.0 – Show link-popularity and rankings of hovered links

Social Bookmarking: 1.0.2 – Keep, share and discover all your favorite things
Digg This! 0.1 – adds Digg This! to the right-click or Tools menu.

Blogging and Site Development:
JustBlogIt 0.2 – JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.
Web Developer 0.9.4 – Adds a menu & toolbar with web developer tools

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