Firefox – More Better Popup Blocking

April 5, 2005

I was bitching awhile back about the new wave of “unblocked” pop-ups that have sprang up lately.  It looks like help is on the way, at least if you’re a FireFox user.  According to one of the developer blogs, new pop-up blocking is being tested as we speak—and you can download a test plugin to try it now.

“Give that these pop-ups and pop-unders have really started to spread on the web, we’re testing a quick patch that enables the Firefox pref to block them. I blogged about this earlier this month and included manual steps to disable these nasty pop-ups and pop-unders. In addition to this fix, the good news is that for sites where you need these pop-ups, you can just whitelist them like you do other “wanted” pop-ups. This looks (at this stage) like a reasonable trade off.”

(via Slashdot)

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