First Look at (5G) Video iPod

October 13, 2005

Video iPodiLounge has up a pretty detailed first look at the new “Fifth Generation” Video iPod.

Here’s my take…

As per usual for newly announced Apple products, my drool factor for this thing is awfully high, but also as per usual, it’s a real mixed bag of an announcement.

On the upside, it’s an iPod, so of course it’s sleek and sexy. It’s thinner, it has a bigger screen, it’s available in black (without U2 even), it (predictably) came in at the previous generation’s price point. And hey, it has video!

On the downside, thinner and bigger screen also go hand in hand with a reduced battery life in the specifications. They rearranged the top of the unit again, which obsoletes all the old “top of iPod” accessories, as well as the usual obsoleting (is that even a word?) of cases.

It’s got a much smaller screen than the most likely portable media player competitors (like the Creative Zen Vision at the same price).

This really gets complicated when you consider the content and DRM issues; Apple also cut loose the first of what will probably be many video content announcements, offering $2 downloads of recent ABC TV episodes (with NBC/Universal rumored to be in the wings.)

Obviously those ain’t going to play on anything other than iTunes and an iPod.

On the other hand, apparently the quality of the videos as tested leaves a lot to be desired.

So, I’m going to do the usual thing, and that’s nothing. Wait for this all to sort itself out, and let Apple sort out the usual host of first release issues before I make any decisions.

Of course, that means that I’ll end up buying one just before the Next Big Thing comes out, but that’s life in the Apple Zone for you…

iPod 5G with Video Playback

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