Fix Intel Mac Speaker Volume at Boot-up

March 1, 2007

This has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile.

Most of the time, my MacBook Pro sits on a shelf next to my desk, hooked up to an external keyboard, display, mouse and speakers (attached to the headphone jack).

I’ve got a reasonably good audio system, and I prefer to keep my system volume all the way up, and just use the volume control on my speakers to adjust the overall volume.

The only problem is that when you boot a MacBook Pro (and searching around, apparently any of the Intel Macs) with the headphone jack connected, it automatically lowers the volume to half, regardless of what it was previously set to.

Doubtless this is to keep people from injuring themselves from loud noises through headphones, but it’s annoying to have to remember to turn it up on those few occasions that I actually end up rebooting my Mac.

Since I haven’t seen any other fixes for this, I just went for the brute force and massive ignorance solution — a little AppleScript application that simply reads:

set volume output volume 100

Open Script Editor, paste that line in, do “Save As” and save it as type “Application”. You can then add it to your startup items, and adjust your volume back up automatically.

If you don’t want to bother with Script Editor, you can right click here and do a “save as” on this file –>

Warning – Try this fix (or this file) at your own risk; if it blows out your Mac or your eardrums, I won’t be held responsible — and for Pete’s sake, if you hook up headphones, remember to turn your volume down.

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