For a good time, call G-O-O-G-L-E

May 15, 2005

It’s hard sometimes to imagine what goes on in the pointy little mind of Google.  Or the giant hive mind of Google—whichever model you prefer.

Take Google Maps and value judgements.

Go to Google Maps.

Type in your zip code, along with a less than savory term.

Just to pick on a familiar example zip, try “90210 brothels”

Gosh, Google finds lots of them.  To be sure, some appear to be cunningly disguised as theaters, museums, and religious institutions…

Pick your favorite zip and give it a try… Some good starting terms to try are “bigots”, “assholes”, and “satanists”

What’s interesting about this is how often it hits rather ironic matches (and a few that look right on the money.)

What causes it?  Got me.  My guess is that some of these terms are associated with some of the results as being something they’re oppposed to.  That would make sense in some circumstances… Others are just a mystery…

(via MeFi)


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