Free Teleclass – Your Website & The 30 Second Sale

December 28, 2004

Did you know that the average web site visitor only stays on a page from 10 to 30 seconds? This means you have a maximum of 30 seconds to convince the user to stay, otherwise he’s gone – probably for good. In this free teleclass, you will learn the 7 key things that every page in your site must do if you want to turn that visitor into a customer.

Please join Chuck Lawson of Insanely Great Sites for this exciting and informative 1 hour Free Teleclass, Tuesday, January 4th at 4pm Eastern!

Click here to sign up for this free teleclass!

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One Response to “Free Teleclass – Your Website & The 30 Second Sale”

  1. abashel on December 28th, 2004 9:37 pm

    Thanks for all the info!

    I also bought that VL1916 LCD and noticed that

    Costco spec mentions 700:1 contrast ratio while

    the printed data (from within the box) says 600:1.

    Can anyone tell me how significant it is?



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