Gano Coffee

October 11, 2005

Amidst all of the recent reports on how healthy coffee is in general, Slashfood has an article up on a new craze — “Gano Coffee”

A mix of coffee beans and mushrooms to help combat diabetes, high blood pressure and ‘other diseases that plague our society today.’ The producer markets a variety of products which contain the ‘life changing, life enhancing’ ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum, including the world’s first healthy coffee. Ganoderma is known as ‘the miraculous king of herbs’ and provides an extensive list of health benefits including increased energy and vigor. Ganoderma has history dating back in the Oriental culture for over 2,000 years and is more powerful than Ginseng.

Coffee & Mushrooms? Brrr… Okay, it doesn’t sound quite as bad as the “kopi luwak mongoose poop” coffee, but the idea doesn’t really make my mouth water, either.

Worse, for my money I start to get suspicious of claims of “health benefits” for a product that a simple Google search seems to show as being one of the latest hot tickets in “multi-level marketing” — somehow those two just don’t seem to go hand in hand for me. Doubtless I missed noticing interferon or antibiotics being marketed that way back during their introduction…

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