Gearhead Phase

June 7, 2006

Like many geeks, I have interests that wax and wane over time… Lately, I’ve not been spending a lot of geek-energy on the various gadgetry and other things that I’ve tended to write about here, so I’ve not been posting much.

Of course, it dawns on me that if I’m not posting anything, the site isn’t really about anything anyway. So it’s my site and I might as well write about what’s interesting me at the moment.

Lately, I’ve been largely in my gearhead phase…

I grew up around cars and car people, and spent a lot of time working with and fooling around with cars. Periodically, I come back to my gearhead roots.

This time began innocently enough.

I had a ’91 Mustang LX 5 liter Convertible that I bought back in ’99 or so, just as a toy to fool around with. I modded it lightly (gears, exhausts, wheels & tires, etc.), redid the interior, and it was great fun for tooling around with the top down on nice spring or fall days (hey — this is Texas; drive a ‘vert in the summer and you could have sunstroke at the first light).

That was all fine and good, until various circumstances ended up with me being stuck with my little toy car as my basic transportation for a year and a half.

(continued in next post)

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