GTR B-01 – Cheap HTPC Case Review

May 22, 2005

Dan’s Data has a detailed review of the GTR B-01 HTPC case, and Dan’s fairly impressed.

The GTR B-01 case supports a MicroATX motherboard, has a wide aray of front-panel connectors, a backlit front panel display, passable looks and sells for $115 Australian (about $90 US.)

If your HTPC must be a thing of beauty replete with RAID arrays and multiple tuner cards, then the GTR B-01 just won’t have enough room for the gear you need, much less achieve the requisite ooh-ah factor.

For most HTPC purposes, though, the B-01 will cut the mustard. You can take the cheap way out and use a MicroATX board with integrated everything, or you can install your own selection of graphics, sound and tuner cards, and be confident that the PSU won’t scream and explode. And three 3.5 inch bays give you room for a moderately ludicrous amount of local storage; “300Gb” drives are mainstream now, so it’d be no biggie to pack in around 840Gb of formatted space.

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