Hand-Crank iPod Power

September 30, 2005

How many cranks does it take to get to the chewy nugget center of your iPod? GeekTechnique finds out, in this how-to article on converting a hand-cranked flashlight and cellphone charger to a charger for an iPod mini.

Well, this setup works (yay!), but with a lot of cranking involved, so I have to be quite desperate for some tunes and miles away from another possibility to charge it, before I crank power my ipod this way… but hey, it is possible! (and for me, that was the point of doing all this)

Okay, well you’d have to be fairly desperate for tunes to be willing to crank this thing for all it’s worth, but it’s always nice to see ways to maintain a proper geek lifestyle in disaster-drill season…

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