Hell & High Water – New Orleans is Burning

September 2, 2005

Credit: DirectNIC

I’m watching the live cam feed from the Survival of New Orleans Blog, and you can see the pall of smoke hanging over downtown, and plumes rising from various fires. If New Orleans wasn’t hell on earth already, it’s slowly becoming so…

Apparently the promised military presence is still in Iraq missing in action, as well.

Teams Alpha and Bravo finished the medium range recon and there are 3 separate locations on fire. We have pictures coming shortly.

During the recon, I spoke to some Federal Marshalls and NOPD. Morale is LOW. Very low. They’re not seeing the military presence they say they were promised. I told those guys they can’t possibly imagine how much we (the world) appreciate their dedication. I asked what civil rights the citizens have and the US Marshalls looked at me like I just fell off the turnip truck and chuckled. I asked if citizens can have guns for protection and he said if someone thinks he needs a gun, he should have already evacuated. He also said they are setting the city on fire.

The NOPD wants to know where “the two active duty brigades” were that he says they were told were supposed to arrive today. When I asked him what he would want to tell the world, he said Everyone keeps talking about the military presence in the city, and then asked me,” Do you see any military around here” in dusgust.

Please consider taking a moment and donating to the American Red Cross disaster relief effort.

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2 Responses to “Hell & High Water – New Orleans is Burning”

  1. Big Dog on September 6th, 2005 2:31 pm

    Once again, let us clear up a myth. All the guard was NOT IN IRAQ. 66% of them were in Louisiana. There are 11,500 guardsmen in LA and 3000 deployed. Anyone can figure there are 8,500 left. Now we must also remember that they also had families who needed to be evacuated and taken care of and they might not have been able to get in. Also, the governor delayed calling in troops or requesting martial law despite the fact that the famously corrupt NOPD gave in to a bunch of criminals.

    Do not blame the war on the fact that New Orleans is poorly run and that the local and state government is inept. Also, get facts straight before making Michael Moore type claims. You have more credibility when you speak from a sound factual base.

  2. Chuck Lawson on September 6th, 2005 6:29 pm

    One cheap shot and I’m Michael Moore? lol.. There must be more entertaining political sites to troll than this one.

    If I annoy you, then you’re going to be one busy apologist when the witch hunt sets in well and proper, and it’s coming soon…

    Rest up and get plenty of fluids!

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