Heroes – Company Man (Review)

February 27, 2007

Heroes (NBC)I hope the writers’ room at Lost watched this episode, since it was a great example of doing all of the things that make Lost so annoying, without being so annoying.

They had a suspenseful moment — and they didn’t cut away to another storyline for a week or two. They did do the flashback thing, but the flashbacks were actually enlightening, on-point to the present-day action, and filled us in on details that had a little more relevance than Jack’s tattoos.

Yet there was no shortage of mysterious and amazing stuff going on.

How about that.

We now know that HRG’s main problem is that he has no problem following morally ambiguous (to put it lightly) orders, at least until it comes to his adopted daughter.

Whatever mysterious group he works for seems to be far from being on the side of the angels — and Eccleston’s Invisible Man character used to work for them, before being “retired with prejudice” after deciding that the morality of killing his own kind wasn’t ambiguous enough for him. Even more interesting, Hiro’s dad seems to be in charge (or at least HRG’s boss’s boss).

Lots of stuff resolved, and lots of new stuff opened up. I don’t mind having a new can of worms tossed into the plot, as long as they occasionally bother to sort out the old ones. Well done.

Some of the fun new questions —

Just why are they killing some-but-not-all of the mutants? What are they learning during the exams? Why bother doing the tag-and-release bit on some? How big is the organization, and who sanctions it?

Is Hiro adopted? Does Takei have a clue that Hiro’s a mutant?

What will happen to Mental Matt and Ted the Muti-bomber?

Where was the Wireless Girl? I thought she went with Matt and Ted…

How much of HRG’s memory will the Haitian retcon away?

Of course, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few annoyances…

Ted puts off enough “radiation” to melt doorknobs, generate little floating baby suns, give free x-rays and deep fry the house (and Claire), but nobody (but Claire) seems to have any more damage than a mild sunburn? Even though his wife got cancer just from living with him? Where’s all of the radiation sickness, hair falling out, etc.?

Why did HRG’s boss (Eric Roberts) shoot Ted just enough to piss him off, and not to disable or kill him? It’s not like he has any qualms about killing mutants, and they’ve already examined this one.

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